Quite often the decision is made to remove a tree completely. Whether the reason be that the tree is diseased and deemed unsafe, there is property damage from the root system or you are having the light stolen from your garden, when the time comes it is vital that trees are removed safely. More often than not larger domestic trees located in residential gardens cannot just be felled as they are in range of structures, service lines, fences, sheds etc. This means that the tree will need to be accessed by rope and “dismantled” using a combination of precision teamwork, rigging equipment and an experienced climber, all of which Conor and his team acquire.  Clients often ask “How are you going to get down without breaking…?” See the short video below to see how the operation works.

CJM Tree Care has the experience and knowledge to provide safe and efficient site clearances. We use modern and up to date machinery to maximise work efficiency and have experience working alongside housing development projects and land reclamation. Whether it be derelict land that is overgrown with vegetation or a fully developed woodland, we can provide a solution to clear the site.