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Harnessing Expertise and Dedication: Your Premier Choice for Professional Tree Pruning Services

For top-notch tree pruning services in Manchester, look no further than CJM Tree Care. As leading tree surgeons in the region, we have a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional tree pruning services to our valued customers. Our team comprises highly experienced and certified arborists who are deeply dedicated to their craft. You can trust us to carry out tree pruning with precision and the utmost care.

We recognise that each tree is unique, and, as such, we take the time to assess each one individually to provide the best service possible. Communication is at the heart of what we do, and we'll keep you informed about our progress every step of the way, ensuring your satisfaction with the work performed.

Understanding Tree Pruning.

Tree pruning is the practice of removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches from a tree. It also involves trimming overgrown branches to maintain the tree's shape and appearance. This is not only crucial for the tree's health but also for its aesthetic appeal.

Why Tree Pruning Matters.

Tree pruning is essential for several reasons.

To remove dead, diseased or damaged branches

Removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches prevents them from falling and causing harm to people or property.

To improve the tree’s appearance

Overgrown branches can make a tree appear unkempt. Tree pruning helps maintain the tree's natural form and beauty.

To allow more sunlight to reach the ground

Unpruned trees can block sunlight from reaching the ground, hindering the growth of grass and other plants beneath them.

Our Comprehensive Pruning Services Include

By selectively pruning back to lateral branches, we can reduce a tree's height or spread. This is often done to enhance safety, clear spaces for buildings or vehicles, and maintain the tree's natural shape.

Selected laterals throughout the crown are removed to open up the canopy, reducing wind resistance without altering the tree's overall size or shape significantly.

We remove lower branches to achieve clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, and more, without reducing the tree's height or spread.

Eliminating dead, dying, or diseased wood enhances the tree's appearance and reduces the risk of falling branches causing damage or injury.

Regularly removing branches back to dormant solid buds (usually every 2-3 years) helps produce a crop of young shoots used for fuel or animal fodder.

If you seek professional tree pruning services in Manchester, don't hesitate to reach out to us. CJM Tree Care is ready to discuss your requirements and provide a free quotation. Your trees deserve the best care, and we're here to deliver it.



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